How to clean and store your Family Tent after a camping outing?

Camping season has almost started and if you had been outdoors for a while and come back from camping, you should thoroughly clean the tent and store it properly. Your family tent is made for outdoors, and you should clean it after camping since it is likely to have become heavily soiled or let offensive odor. You need to completely clean the most loose dirt on the fabric with water pressure using a regular garden hose. To perform heavy-duty clean-up, set up the tent and start hand washing using warm water, a non-detergent, mild soap, and a sponge. Rinse it well and let it completely dry by hanging to dry or pitched.
Pack up the tent with utmost care
If it is possible, you should never pack up a tent that is wet. If at all, there is no other choice than packing a wet tent, ensure that you unpack right the moment when you find a dry place where you can set it up for full drying. Your tent should be dried thoroughly to eliminate the mildew growth, bad odors, and mold. If you refold the tent, don’t try refolding the tent over the same crease lines as earlier. This assists in preventing the material and also to get rid of the brittleness of crease line over the course of time. Handle the shock-corded poles safely since they may break if treated roughly. Inspect your tent material and make it certain they are secure. Notice if you can find any areas or holes that require repair, waterproofing or resealing.
Preventing the tent from developing mildew
Almost all the tents have waterproof protection feature, but when they are exposed to prolonged moisture can result in hydrolysis, which is the premature breakdown of waterproof coating in the most waterproof tents. To keep this layer off from turning soft, no longer waterproof and sticky and also to prevent the fabric from developing mildew, ensure avoiding storing or packing the tent when it is dirty, damp or wet. It could take as short as 24 hours time for mildew to form on a crumpled, wet tent that can cause it to smell and stain and also interrupt its waterproof coating. Drying out and airing out the tent can aid protect it.
Find an appropriate place to store your tent
When you want to unpack your tent to allow it dried completely, do it as as you arrived at your destination. The camping tents should be stored and kept aside only if they are fully dried. Any amount of moisture will cause issues and spoil your tent. It is suggested to dry your tent in the shady area to avoid damage caused by hot sun rays. You should never store your camping tents in basements, damp areas or hot rooms such as an attic. If you are good enough to spend few minutes to perform this simple attentive care of your camping tent, you will enjoy using it for more years. A tent that looks pleasant is dry, clean and free of bad odors, mildew or mold.

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